Women who Write as Protagonists of Change

The more you write, the braver you become. It’s like Alice down the rabbit hole. Through writing, you take an adventure. You discover something deeper about yourself—and the world beyond yourself. And you discover what it is you want to change with your words.

Women writers can be powerful agents of change. And one of those women is my friend and fellow author Carolyn Butler-Madden. Carolyn has written two brilliant game-changing books; Path to Purpose and For Love & Money.

‘There is no doubt we are experiencing a movement where many women are bravely showing up as protagonists of change in their industries. While this isn’t limited to women, my experience and that of most of my co-conspirators, is that more women are driving purpose-led change than men. Perhaps it comes from the need to rebalance growth and winning with nurturing and sharing,’ says Carolyn. And I couldn’t agree more.

Carolyn and I connected last week to explore how women can channel our inner Alice and free the writer within to become protagonists of change. No matter where you are on your writing journey, I hope this podcast inspires you to write for change and a more beautiful world.

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