33 Reasons Why 2023 is the Year to Write your Book.

Welcome to 2023.

May your year be filled with joy, love, good health—and lots of sweet, soul-nourishing writing.

What are your writing intentions for 2023?

I have three intentions this year. The first is to practice nature-journaling after my regular sit-spot. The second is to turn a series of blogs for Love Stories of the Yarra Birrarung into a published book. The third is to continue investigations into the life of my grandmother Elsie and begin mapping out a plot for a novel.

So how will I achieve these intentions?

By following my own advice!

It’s widely known that eighty percent of people who begin writing a book don’t finish it, and that less than one percent end up published. I’ve been a victim of these statistics a few times and I don’t want you to be one too.

The cleverest way I know to avoid becoming a statistic is to start with answering the why question. Why am I writing this book? What is my purpose? What am I here to write that is meaningful to me and that will make a difference to the life of my readers?

In Brave Women Write, I recommend writing 33 reasons why, summarising them into a couple of paragraphs and then sharing it with those people who can help you get back on the writing wagon if you happen to fall off—your partner, a friend or a writers’ group.

Knowing your why and continually returning to it, is the secret to finishing. An unshakeable answer to why is the way through.

So why do you want to write your book (or whatever it is you’re writing) in 2023? I’d love to know and I’m here to help.

With love

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Do you have a book or writing project to be brought to life in 2023?

If you need clarity and focus to get started and support to make it to the finish-line, I’m here to help. 

Applying the practices in the book and through a unique combination of workshopping and mentoring over 90 days, I help turn your fledgling ideas into a tangible book.

I work with women who have a story to share through a memoir, biography, fiction or non-fiction book that will drive personal and planetary change for women and Mother Earth.

If you feel that it’s time to stop dreaming and start writing, make a time for a conversation to see if we are a good fit.

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