One month on: Am I selling any books?

It’s one month since the launch of Brave Women Write.

Writing and self-publishing a book is one thing. Getting it into the hands of readers is quite another.

With this book, I was determined to do the marketing differently to my last book, The Purpose Project.

I chose not to succumb to the standard tactics of a major book launch tour, selling it on platforms such as Amazon and paying for social media ads.

This time around, I chose to host a book launch at home and sell the book on my own website in an attempt to create a connection with readers. (When you sell through online platforms you don’t get the customer data so it’s impossible to build relationships.)

I wanted Brave Women Write to gain traction through word-of-mouth—and it seems to be working.

One month since launch, I’ve sold 199 books.

Only 199, you might be thinking?

Research suggests that the average self-published book will only sell about 250 copies in its lifetime. By comparison the average book published by a traditional publishing house will sell about 3000.

So, I’m quite thrilled with this result. If I manage to sell 100 per month over the next few years, it’ll be a best-seller in no time.

But it’s not really about the number of books sold.

For me, it’s about the number of women who find the courage to write and share their untold, buried stories—to act on the advice in the book.

I want to create a movement of story-telling women so that together we can rebalance history with herstory.

I’m learning that if you have a story that other women are hungry to hear (and read), they’ll become your greatest supporters.

Writing a book is a life-changing experience. Is 2023 your year?

With love

Brave Women Write Book Orders

Australian Orders: $30 for a signed copy including postage. 
International Orders: $37.27 for a signed copy including postage.


Brave Women Write Private Mentoring

Do you have a book or writing project to be brought to life in 2023?

If you need clarity and focus to get started and support to make it to the finish-line, I’m here to help. 

Applying the practices in the book and through a unique combination of workshopping and mentoring over 90 days, I help turn your fledgling ideas into a tangible book.

I work with women who have a story to share through a memoir, biography, fiction or non-fiction book that will drive personal and planetary change for women and Mother Earth.

If you feel that it’s time to stop dreaming and start writing, make a time for a conversation to see if we are a good fit.

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